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To advise organisations on their management of internal and external communications, as well as implementing solutions for their CSR issues

Sircome assists organisations in the design, implementation and evaluation of their communication strategies. Thanks to our in-depth analysis methodology we help businesses meet their needs and stakeholder expectations through key messages. A special focus is made on advising sustainable development actors (agencies, NGOs and eco-businesses) with their communication strategies. We help organizations nurture relationships with the public through CSR reports, events, and digital communication materials among many others. To face increasing reporting demands of stakeholders on sensible issues like greenwashing, we guide companies in the optimisation of their CSR strategy and how to communicate it to internal and external audiences. We are particularly attentive to responsible communication issues: messages, media or sector trends.

This is a brief explanation of what Sircome does. Please feel free to contact us for further information. We would enjoy hearing your ideas and discussing a potential collaboration.

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