Marketing & Sustainable Development icone-Sircome-02-marketing - copie


Guide businesses in the transformation of their products and services, while keeping in line with sustainable development, creating shared value.

Every day more and more businesses are trying to align their business strategies with sustainable development goals in response to societal expectations – B2B and B2C alike. Sircome advises marketing managers and CSR teams to help transform their products and services into more sustainable offers. Sircome highlights innovative actions (eco-design, cradle to cradle life- cycle analysis, circular economy …) and evaluates needs and positioning with the help of specific tools like the responsible, holistic marketing map developed by Sircome and the French Energy Agency. We also help in enhancing the conversation with internal and external audiences as well as with stakeholders, to obtain qualify feedback.

This is just a brief explanation of what we can do. Please, feel free to contact us for further information. We would be interested in hearing your ideas and discussing future business partnerships.