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To assist actors in the field of research and innovation in the conception, implementation and measurement of communication and its promotion.

With the “From Research to Action” positioning and the profile of its consultants, Sircome is uniquely positioned to counsel public research organizations, higher education institutions and private R & D departments in their communication activities. We intervene in both internal or external communication and marketing issues, using the appropriate medium for each case (digital, media, events, publishing, inbound marketing, crossmedia …) We help organisations highlight their R & D activities and innovations, and assist in finding the right way to communicate research findings to those concerned, from promotion to doctoral recruitment. In addition, we master sensible issues like risk communication or scientific controversy, and are aware of the new challenges of integrating and monitoring digital communication, e-reputation and social media in the academic environment.

In 2012 and 2014 we released the Social Media Observatory for Research Organisations. The activities of around 30 organisations were analysed to better understand and highlight innovative best practices. In 2013, a special focus on scientific journalism was made. In 2015, a focus on researchers is to be released. The results are available in French but feel free to contact us for further information. We would be happy to listen to your ideas and discuss our collaboration on future projects and solutions we can create together.